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  1. Pro-col is the distributor of Pool Doctor and Boat Doctor.

  2. Seller identification : 9325-9935 Qc Inc et Pro-Col.ca, adress : 43 du Geai Bleu, St-Sauveur-des-Monts, PQ, Canada J0R 1R0. Contact : Guy Gendron. commercial  phone : 514-217-4185 Quebec registration :: 1171107957

  3. Small packags by Mail,
    • example  : St-Sauveur to Québec, one tube (0.6 kg) 9,95$ CD, 3 tubes 11,95$ CD,

  4. Canada Post confirms that the delivery will be approximately 3 working days after sending, with the acknowledgment option. Maximum delivery by mail: 30 kg. For larger quantities, please contact us, especially professionals who want to resell our product.

  5. Payment methods are multiple and easy, check, money order, bank transfer, pay pal and payment on delivery (COD).

  6. No responsibility can be held against the Pro-col.ca society for a bad use of our product, such as a liner stained with Pro-col. We strongly recommend to ask a professional for your repairs. Remember that this site is here to help you and answer your questions.


For further information, do not hesitate to contact us

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